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With our service/maintenance and management experience gained from domestic and foreign geared motor manufacturers, we offer you, our valued business partners, services in the field of service, maintenance and repair of all brands/models of geared motors as well as the supply of mechanical equipment.
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Regular maintenance is essential for the longevity and reliable ...

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We intervene quickly and effectively in case of any breakdowns or ...

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We offer personalized consulting services to improve the efficiency of ...

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With our experience in servicing and maintaining gearboxes acquired in both domestic and foreign manufacturers, we provide services for the maintenance, repair, and supply of mechanical equipment for every brand and model of gearbox, along with our esteemed business partners.

At Barmech Servis, we possess extensive expertise in the maintenance, repair, and servicing of mechanical equipment, in addition to gearboxes. We cater to the servicing needs of every brand and model of gearbox, offering tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

We closely monitor technological advancements and consistently explore new methods and techniques to enhance our services. As a result, we deliver solutions that best meet the needs of your business.

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Whether you need technical support or advice, we are always willing to support. We understand the importance of your machinery, and we will always try our best to support in any way we can.

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